Commentario 2

The second text I chose to translate is another essay by Sefchovich. ‘¿Son mejores las mujeres?’ is a proposal about the concept of Feminism, describing how it makes people think and act. It discusses how the ideology behind Feminism has changed the way everyone thinks including ‘women, men, individuals, groups, societies, governments, institutions, academics and ways of thinking in social sciences’ etc. I found the essay quite unique in the sense that any Feminist related articles I have come across seem to paint the male in a bad light however this proposal focused mainly on the way Feminism positively affects the ideas of both men and women of all ages and classes. This is another non-fiction text by Sefchovich and like the previous text which covered women’s issues, this text also comes under that very broad, very general heading.

With regard to the translation of the actual text, it was a lot more straight forward than the previous text with simpler vocab and phrases. I found this text a bit easier to translate for this reason. I could keep the translation almost identical to the original Spanish text as there was no culture specific phrases or words and there was no complex ideas or concepts that wouldn’t translate well into English. The idea and ideology of Feminism exits in English as well as a range of many other languages, it is almost a universal concept at this point so I did not encounter too much difficulty in translating it. I used no borrowing words from the original.

The voice in this text was strong once again, and very convincing. Sefchovich uses this tone as a tool to explain to her audience that this is in face a very important issue but it is overlooked or misconstrued by many people. As I previously said I have heard a lot about Feminism in a negative way so I really liked hearing Sefchovich’s opinion on the concept in such an inclusive and positive way. I think the first sentence is particularly strong and allows the reader, in both Spanish and English to sense the voice and strength in the text, ‘Feminism, is the theory and practice, the thought and action, the dream and proposal of life that revolutionised the world in the 20th Century.’