Commentario 3

The third text by Sefchovich, which is also non-fiction discusses the presence of women in literature. ‘This book talks about women’s literature. Through its pages pass Mexican and Latin American, French, English, North American, authors of India, China, Japan, Israel, the Arab and African countries. There are narrators, storytellers, chroniclers and poets who represent the most diverse faces of literature written by women’ (Sefchovich, 2015). The original text is divided into three chapters, ‘the first offering a general vision, a “catalogue of writers”, with very basic ideas about what they write, and a description of which has been read for the criticism of literature over time; in the second part Sefchovich introduces specific authors, and responds to questions: what they write, how they write it, the reason for writing it and how they have been read; finally, in the third chapter, a mixture and assembly of authors’, (Gomez,2015). Through these three chapters Sefchovich focuses predominately on women authors in this text.

We know from looking at her other texts she zones in on women’s issues therefore when you look at the title of this text ‘El Cielo Completo, Mujeres Escribiendo, Leyendo’ so she is referring to women, that they are everything, ‘the whole sky’. In the fragment I chose to translate, Sefchovich discusses why she published a text like this one and says ‘maybe to add my voice to others who talk about the same and have built a huge and wonderful world with it. Or to make sense of a job of so much time, forty years of reading and writing about these issues. Or to give me the pleasure of sharing glare and thought. Or to close an inner circle and get somewhere that I do not know’. She explains very clearly her opinions behind the works of female authors and about the need for more of a presence of women in literature to help those who don’t have a voice. This like her other texts has a string convincing tone to it and as I previously said deals once again with current issues women face.