Sobre el Proyecto

I decided to translate three non-fiction texts by Mexican writer Sara Sefchovich. These three short texts by Sefchovich all conform under the general theme of Women’s issues and Feminism. The first text ‘¡Atrévete! Propuesta hereje contra la violencia en México’ deals with the concept of the mother and how as a mother a woman is portrayed but also discusses how a mother should be recognised, while the second text, ‘¿Son mejores las mujeres?’ discusses the topic of Feminism and how it affects our ways of thinking. The third text ‘El Cielo Completo’ discusses women on the literary scene and the recognition of women in Mexican literature. I chose these texts because they discuss important and current topics relating to women’s issues. I enjoyed reading all three texts but I especially liked the first text because of its complexity and language usage. This made is difficult for me to translate it, however, I liked the challenge and it made my interest in the text and Sefchovich’s work even greater.

Dr Sara Sefchovich was born in Mexico City in 1949. She studied sociology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico gaining a master’s degree in 1987 and a doctorate degree in 2005 in History of Mexico. Sefchovich, a ‘specialist in Mexican social sciences, was highly familiar with the Mexican landscape, women’s circumstances and Mexico as an international tourist attraction’ (Rubí: 66, 2011) and in many of her works she used these elements to create the ideas behind the story. In the three texts I translated, Sefchovich focuses on mainly women’s conditions and teaches us about feminism and that ‘Mexico is chaotic and you do what you can to survive as a women’, (Rubí:66, 2011).